More than just fitness

ZUU is more than just fitness. It incorporates functional body weight movements with culture and human connection. ZUU is all about bringing movement and mobility back into people’s lives in a population which has become more sedentary than ever. With reduced movement comes higher injury risk which is why ZUU works hand in hand with injury prevention. This is done using primal movements and HIIT style training that will improve your strength, aerobic and anaerobic fitness, tapping into all your energy systems. The ultimate test for both athletes at the top of their game to beginners who are just starting their fitness journey. There is always room to regress and progress to fit every fitness level. The culture in ZUU is huge. A fitness group setting like no other, where continuous support and encouragement comes from voices across all corners of the room. This is where improved mental strength and endurance comes into play as you learn to push yourself further and further in the workouts each time. Here at ZUU Uncut we are passionate about you, and helping you achieve your fitness goals.


*Student rates apply to Secondary and Tertiary Students only.