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Our group classes are designed to meet the needs of a large community with varying needs and fitness levels. When it comes to achieving specific goals, nothing beats individualised programming and private coaching sessions. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, increase strength, improve technique or mobility, prepare for an event, or just prefer a more personal setting, one or more of these options will equate to faster results guaranteed.

  • Private Coaching sessions
    • For technique development
    • Training sessions – One on one, or small groups up to three

Why invest in private coaching sessions

  1. Private Coaching is an effective and efficient way to achieve your individual fitness goals.
  2. My private coaching experience will be tailored to your specific needs
  3. Technique coaching sessions can be set to suit your schedule, 30min’s ,45min’s and 60min’s
  4. Private coaching is private
  5. I recommended if you have been sedentary for a long period of time, are training for a specific sport or event, have significant health limitations, or just prefer the additional attention and accountability.
  6. One-on-One or with One or Two Others?

Coaching Rates

  • 30min training sessions – $30.00
  • 45min training sessions – $50.00
  • 60min training sessions – $60.00

One-on-one coaching is a great way to receive the undivided attention, but if it doesn’t fit into your budget, we encourage you to consider our small group coaching option.

*Private Group sessions are available, contact me today to get a quote and book an available time for your Private group.

  • Individually designed programs for;

Have a specific goal and need a personalised program to get you there?

Consider investing in one of my Specific month by month individualised programming to meet your goals. Completed during open box on top of Group based classes per week

  • Gymnastic
  • Olympic lifting
  • Powerlifting
  • CrossFit
  • Rehab, Muscle imbalances and General strength improvement
  • Mobility

Exercises and structure to improve and restore your joint range of motion

  • Your own personal Warm up and cool down routines

This can include; Skill-based warm-ups to prepare for specific movement patterning and post-workout recovery techniques

  • Nutritional coaching advice and personal accountability assistance
  • Health, wellness, and lifestyle support assistance

I have two options Program Only and Supported Program.

  • Program Only includes an initial questionnaire, a 20 minute consultation and follow up e-mail at the end of your program. Cost is $60 for members, $80 for non members, for up to Four weeks of programming.
  • Supported Program includes an initial questionnaire, 30 minute consultation and weekly follow-up by email. Cost is $100 for members, $120 for non members, for up to Four weeks of programming.

Ongoing one on one consultation is not included in either option but can be booked with me at a time that suits you.

My Coaching Profile

  • Worked in the fitness industry for over 13 years
  • Graduate Diploma in Physical conditioning (Level 7) with Merit
  • Sport Performance Certified
  • Personal training Certified
  • CrossFit Level 1 – (2012), CrossFit Level 2 – (2014), CrossFit Level 3 – In progress (2017)
  • CrossFit Judge’s Course – (2014-17), CrossFit Scaling Course – (2017)
  • Club Weightlifting / Sports Power Coach Level 1 (From the Australian weightlifting Federation)
  • Qualified Powerlifting and Olympic lifting referee

My Athlete Profile

  • Competed in top level sports for over 15 years, including Track & field, road and Cross-country running, Rugby, Olympic lifting, Powerlifting and CrossFit
  • Rugby Age group Otago rep – 1995-97
  • National level athlete in Cross country and distance road running – 1997-2002
  • National level athlete in Track and field from 400m to 1500m, including the 3000m and 4×100 and 4x400m relay winning national medals – 1996-2010
  • Started CrossFit as a primary sport in – 2011
  • Started Olympic lifting as a second sport in – 2014
  • Started Powerlifting as a third sport in – 2017
  • 2nd 2016 South Island Olympic championship
  • 1st 2017 South Island Olympic championship
  • 2nd 2017 South Island Powerlifting championship
  • Pound 4 pound national CrossFit champion 2014
  • Gore Gauntlet CrossFit champion 2016