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Lesley Procter

Lesley ProcterI have been given back myself, given back the fire in the belly that pushes me to be better each day than the day before’’

Many of you have come to know Lesley well through the box, and also know that she is my mother. She has long been my coach across different sports in the last 20 years and just over Two years ago, we traded Coach and Athlete roles. It didn’t take long before she started to achieve some crazy results. I can’t begin to explain how proud of her I am with everything she has had to overcome to ‘find herself again’ and how inspiring it has been to watch her grow in the sport.

Lesley marks a huge milestone for CFU, as our first international CrossFit athlete we have produced. Her achievements to date are too many to tell you about but she has 13 age and weight class New Zealand Olympic Records, 1st in the Women’s 55-59 Scaled Dec-Jan MFFL (an international online CrossFit comp), as well as being mother of Two, she now has 3 Grandchildren and officially is 119th in the world in Women’s 55-59 for the CrossFit Open.

As you know at CFU we don’t focus on the medals, awards and trophy’s that much, we focus on personal achievements with our team.

It’s so cool to then pass the stories on to the wider community in the hopes that it may inspire them to achieve extraordinary things with the CrossFit training methodology and that you can overcome huge things to be a better visions of yourself.

Have a read of what Lesley had to say about her journey so far with us;

‘’I’ve played various sports all my life, some competitively, some recreational. But somehow in my forties I became sedentary, put on weight (far more than I was comfortable with) and started to let gravity take over. Fast-forward to January 2013 and the opening of CrossFit Uncut. Jeff informed me “politely” that it was time I took myself in hand if I wanted to live long enough to see my granddaughters grow up, and that CrossFit might be something I could enjoy.

My first session, I could not run 400m without stopping several times. 90 kg was a lot to carry around I discovered.

But somewhere in that first painful month I got hooked. And somewhere in my first year and a half, I lost more than 15kg. In March 2014 I did my first CrossFit Open. All the wods had at least one “goat” in them and I was disappointed with my efforts, but amazed to only just miss out on getting in the top 200 worldwide for my age group. I really had the “bug” now.

As 2014 progressed I also discovered Olympic Lifting—at first in a very unco-ordinated fashion! But in CrossFit if you put the work in, you get the results and gradually the technicalities began to make sense. I began to embrace the “Zen” in those lifts, started competing, and started breaking records (13 over the course of 2014). Late 2014, I competed in a few international online CF competitions with some other amazingly mad CrossFit Uncut Masters – that was so much fun and I would recommend anyone over 35 to give the Masters Fitness League a go.

For the 2015 CrossFit Open, my goal was to make the top 200 worldwide in my age group. I am very happy to have achieved that goal. I finished 119th and although I have no illusions about going any further, I do want to post a score for each of the four Masters Qualifiers at the end of April. The best thing about this year’s Open was all the other CFU Hawks competing!

What does CrossFit Uncut mean to me? It is easy to see the records and the placings as ends in themselves, but really the best gift from CrossFit Uncut is that I have been given back my self, given back the fire in the belly that pushes me to be better each day than the day before. CrossFit is the one part of my life where no one but me gets to determine how good I am/ or am not. CrossFit Uncut has given me a family – you’re mad, we are competitive as hell with each other, but you sustain me on those cold mornings training by myself in the box and you push me to go further and faster during those crazy lunch time classes. Whatever my CF future holds those gifts can never be taken away, I wear the Hawk with pride!

Oh and just a few days ago, I back squatted more than I once weighed when I first came in the door at CFU—how freaking cool is that LOL’’.