Harrison Hall

What are you wanting to achieve through CrossFit?
I’m currently striving towards getting my personal bests up with like deadlifts and stuff and keeping a good cardio balance. I’m currently trying to move towards the army, so I’m trying to keep fit constantly, so I’m here pretty much everyday to keep my cardio and strength pieces up.

What were your first experiences at CrossFit like?
My first experience at CrossFit was daunting, but once you come past your first session it’s pretty awesome. All the members are great and all the workouts are pretty fun.

How did you find the coaches and other members when you first joined?
Jeff, Lesley, Dalton, Becks have been absolutely awesome since I’ve started and all the members as well. They come around and tweak something that you’ve messed up on and that helps a lot having that experience of them coming around. And the members are awesome as well, they’re really welcoming.

What is it specifically about CrossFit that you like?
I like the cardio and the more intense workouts instead of going to a normal conventional gym and just standing there going like that (curls) and stuff. I just like it, the buzz you get from coming and you don’t know what you’re doing everyday that’s the main thing I like doing.

Is there any advice you would give to someone who is on the fence about joining?
Yeah, I’d say just do it I was in the same boat, I was on the fence when I first joined I was like should I do it? But then I did it and it’s been- it’s really changed my life.

Member Spotlight Monday – Harrison Interview

Member Spotlight Monday – Harrison Interview"I'm currently trying to go towards the army, I'm trying to keep fit constantly so I'm here pretty much everyday"

Posted by Crossfit Uncut on Sunday, 10 September 2017