Boot Camp

Massively popular around the world as a great way to achieve your fitness goals

What is Uncut Bootcamp?

Bootcamps are one of the fastest-growing strength-and-conditioning-training programs worldwide. It’s a challenging, action packed 60 minute workout that is adjustable to your individual fitness level. Uncut Boot Camp combines basic strength training, high intensity aerobic exercise and body weight movements in an all in one workout, helping you become fitter than you have ever imagined. Bootcamp offers an interesting balance of intensity, diversity, effort, community, and coaching, and is one of the best ways to do physical training in a group setting.

Uncut Boot Camp vs. CrossFit Uncut classes?

There are more similarities than differences between CrossFit and Bootcamp, but the main difference is that in Bootcamp, there’s an absence of heavy barbell work and technical movements, such as the Olympic Lifts, and higher level gymnastic movements such such pull ups, muscle ups, rope climbs, and handstand push ups etc. This removes the fear of impossibility and focuses more on mastering the basics. Getting people to move and breaking a sweat at high intensity works miracles. With Bootcamp you will develop your endurance, stamina, strength and speed. All of these will benefit those looking to lose body fat, change shape, and increase their overall strength and fitness levels. Bootcamp is also a great supplement for athletes looking to improve their ability to perform a sport at a higher capacity for a longer period of time. For this reason, Uncut Bootcamp will particularly benefit endurance athletes such as runners, bikers, and triathlon competitors. If you want a highly intense workout designed for any fitness level, but aren’t of the mindset yet to study the technical movements of CrossFit, then Bootcamp might be the perfect option for you.
Uncut Bootcamp works in 6 week training blocks. Designed to see noticeable change in a short period of time. After the 6 week block you could choose to either carry on with the Bootcamp classes or progress into the CrossFit classes.

How do I sign up and what are my options?

If this is your first Bootcamp, we prefer that you pay for the $200, 18 session, 6 week program upfront. This show’s your commitment to change. After your first 6 weeks you would then have the option to go to a weekly payment plan of $33.30 per week. Bi-weekly and Monthly payment plans are available as well.

To sign up, please fill out the form below.

From there, One of our friendly staff will then make contact with you to set you up on our booking system and get you booked in straight away for your first session. You won’t have to wait weeks, just until the following Monday.
We can’t wait to meet you and help you work towards your health and fitness goals!