Anne O’Gorman

What are you striving to achieve with CrossFit?
I did group fitness for quite a while and I wanted to just increase my strength. I wanted to better the movements I was doing. I really wanted to come to try and learn to do pull ups and I have achieved that goal, and along with it I’ve made a lot of strength and I’m the fittest I’ve ever been in my whole 46 years.

What were your first experiences at CrossFit like?
Coming to class was a little bit daunting, I started off with a women’s class and I used to watch the CrossFit class going and I actually couldn’t wait to get in there. So I didn’t last in the women’s very long, which was a great class at the time but yeah it was just a great experience.

How did you find the coaches and other members when you first joined?
They treat you like athletes from day one which is quite good. They were just friendly and encouraging and they show you a really good technique, and they help you a lot with injuries as well.

What is it specifically about CrossFit that you like?
It encompasses all sports, the strength training, the gymnastics, what it does to you, what it involves with your body, and it’s a really good methodology to get fit and stay fit. I have a very physically and mentally demanding job and CrossFit is my big stress relief for me and keeps us focused.

Is there any advice that you would give to someone who is on the fence about joining?
Just come along, you’ll love it. Just do it! I wish I did it a lot earlier, I wish they’d had it in schools when we were kids